The Benefits Of Red Wine

Greetings fellow bloggers,today I would like to share with you something, surprisingly curious, I recently discovered about one of mine personal favorite drinks, the red wine. Apart from the delightful taste it brings to the table, turns out red wine is healthy.

The latest studies suggest, that consuming one glass a day is beneficial for your well being. Moderate consumption prevents cancer, cardiac diseases, improves cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

The idea for moderate consumption in the US equals one glass of red wine for the ladies and two for the gentlemen. Whereas in Britain and the EU moderate consumption equals three glasses for the ladies and four for the gents.

Two components, antioxidants and resveratrol, are the main reason for red wine’s healing virtue.

Results reveal that In a research between the French and the German red wines, the French wines contain larger amount of antioxidants. That is why, despite the high levels of fat in the traditional French Cuisine, French people rarely suffer from cardiac diseases.

Resveratrol is produced naturally from the grapes’ skin during fermentation. The excessive consumption of alcohol is not a benefit for the human body. Moderate consumption is the only way to absorb red wine’s advantages, a glass or two everyday is more than enough to reduce the risk of cardiac diseases, cancer or a stroke.

On Top Of The Mountain

I have always been in love with extreme situations. I have always enjoyed the adrenalin rush, flavored by the taste of danger. Recently I was presented with an opportunity, offering me the chance to experience the aforementioned excitements. I was invited to join an expedition, an expedition to climb the highest peak in my country Bulgaria, named Musala . Without any hesitation I accepted. I was filled with excitement and anticipation. There was only one small problem, and it was known as “extreme weather”.This year’s winter was the most severe winter for the past 15-20 years ( take that global warming). As I said a minor drawback, or so I would like to delude myself. Take into mind that I am not an experienced climber, unlike the other four guys from the group, and aware of the risks, my decision to participate in this expedition was a bit idiotic, but my manic desire of taking a picture of the sunset, standing on a mountain crown, was too much to withstand.

The sun was up in the sky, the roads were clear and full of confidence we were on our way to conquer the summit. I had everything I thought I will need for the expedition, warm clothes, provisions and the trusty camera gear on my back. We were facing a 5 mile journey through the mountain. Without any further a do, we began climbing. Despite all the snow, the first couple of miles were consumed without any difficulties whatsoever.  The journey so far was full of tremendous landscapes and unusual silence.

So far it was easy, pleasant and joyful. We made a small break to recover our strength. Nevertheless the terrain was slowly changing into violent, ferocious and cruel.No longer was I able to enjoy the beauty I was surrounded with. My feet were frozen, my backpack heavy and my spirit broken. I realized I had no other choice but to continue without complaining. I knew we were close, I was able to see the summit, covered with clouds of snow, looking at me with disapproval.

Our progress was slow, but determine. It was time for me to use my secret weapon, a small bottle full of rum, after a few sips, the magical fluid run through my veins the same way molten lava runs through a block of ice. At last, I felt relieve, the cold was melting away, far from my mind and body. It was almost 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we had to fasten our pace if we were to reach the summit on time. Forty-five minutes later we were standing in front of the refuge hut, strategically positioned beneath the summit, our resting station and shelter for the night. We were closer than ever. Only 600 meters away from our prolonged destination, we entered the rest house and ordered some tea. It was a kind of tea, I am not familiar with, but it tasted good, lip-smacking, refine somehow. After 15 minutes of warmth and comfort we continued our journey. We were already behind schedule, the odds of failure were increasing, and to make things even worse, those last 600 meters were the hardest part of the route. We had no professional mountaineer equipment, only a rope. At some point the muscles of my body were completely out-of-order. I was struggling my way up the steep path, the sun was about to set any minute now, every second was priceless. Only one hundred meters left, I was exhausted and left behind from the group, I couldn’t keep up with them, I needed to rest. I felt disappointed, naive and embarrassed. Perhaps I overestimated myself. The taste of shame was on my lips, bitter, unpleasant. Suddenly, out of the blue a second rope was dropped down, I was told to hang my back pack on it. The moment I removed it from my shoulders, I felt lighter and more maneuverable than a Colibri Bird. I galloped my way up, I had a sunset to catch up with.

Finally I have reached the top of the mountain. I set in the snow with my tripod in front of me. The sunset was impatient, eager to be photographed. It must’ve been around (-25 degrees Celsius) but I wasn’t able to experience cold at that moment, as if I was immune to it. The only thing I was able to feel at that particular moment was pure satisfaction. I was entirely absorbed in a world of my own, standing 2925 meters above sea level.

Winter Fun

Wintertime, freezing cold, lots of snow, a free weekend and a useless sun. The perfect composition for snowboarding getaway for me and my friends. Shortly we were not far way from the sky resort. Soon the road ended due to meteorological conditions. Even better for us, we abandoned the vehicles and continued on foot. Everybody was thrilled and full of excitement, everyone but me. Why? I am not great with bone-crushing temperatures neither is my camera, in reality the camera was just fine and last but not least, I have no idea how to snowboard. However, snowboarding wasn’t my concern I was there for the pictures. We were walking for quite some time so naturally we had to have a rest. As we did I heard sounds coming behind the trees, my curiosity was rousing, I had to see what was causing that rustle. Full of confidence I approached, I knew bears were already asleep at this time of the year and that wolves were up in the mountain, staying as far from people as they can. Shortly I was looking at something I never expected to see high in the mountain.


Horses, they didn’t looked surprised at all. Actually they were quite comfortable with me taking pictures of them, but I had no time to spare, I needed to save my battery for later. I really wanted to capture my friends crashing with their snowboards.


Venice After Dark

It is a well known fact that Venice is astonishing during the day and so it was, except for one little drawback. I was surrounded by sweaty tourists and ridiculous looking fellas standing on a boat screaming gondola, gondola. The streets were overloaded with small “business” stands and street traders trying to sell you all kind of overpriced junk and if that wasn’t enough a dozen of good champs from Senegal were going to blackmail me to buy an expensive Gucci handbag replica. I know it sounds repulsive and it was, but I am blessed with the amazing power to ignore useless stuff. I knew I had to go through all this discomfort if I truly wanted to experience Italy. Furthermore I was going to be able to appreciate all the commotion once its gone and by gone I mean asleep, thats right asleep, because if I really wanted to enjoy my vacation in Venice I knew I had to see it after dark. The next day I visited the neighborly island of Lido and headed straight to the beach, I had extra energy I needed to blow off, because I needed a good afternoon nap if I was to be up all night roaming the streets of Venice and what a nap it was. I opened my eyes seconds before the alarm clock, grabbed my camera and my tripod and full of confidence left the hotel. The sun was drifting away leaving me with the opportunity for some tremendous pictures.Once the sun was gone and the moon was up in the sky, true beauty was broadcasting live before my eyes. It was a different place, better somehow more suitable for my intentions. I was walking around with ever growing smile on my face, taking pictures one after another. Venice was transformed, people were different relaxed and easygoing. The streets felt bigger more spacious, the only problem compromising my photo shoot was the lack of cold beer and the pain in my shoulder caused by my tripod. I usually carry the camera mounted on the tripod and walk around carrying it on my shoulder and it weights approximately 5 kilograms (11 pounds). I needed a brake, and as soon I have spotted a place to buy beer I would have one. As you could imagine it didn’t took long before I found such place, lucky me it is even close to San Marco Plaza. I set down on a bench, opened my beer and tasted the prolonged and refreshing gulp I deserved. The sun was rising it  was a new morning and time for me to go home!

Hunting With My Camera

Here I was, up in the mountain with my trusty camera gear from Canon. The late autumn was performing at its best, reveling unbelievable and breathtaking mixture of red, yellow and orange, accompanied by the majestic presence of evergreen pine-trees.

It was early in the morning, the sun was shy and cautious not ready to rise just yet. I was looking at a small meadow. I was told by the villagers from the nearby village, that this is the place where I will be able to track down wild animals. I made all the preparations needed, I put my camouflage on, set up the tripod and mounted my Canon 1D mk2 with the Canon 100-400mm IS lens. The sun was behind my back, the perfect set up, all I had to do is stay put and wait. It was cold and quiet. Darkness had occupied all of my surroundings, only the meadow in front of me was lit by the sun. I was as quiet and motionless as a monument, breathing slowly, waiting, observing, hoping to sight an animal. Two hours had past, my feet were numb, my but frozen and my optimism shaken. It was almost eight o’clock I knew that if nothing happened in next half an hour or so I was going home empty handed. I was beginning to picture it, the disappointment, the bitterness… and than I heard something. The noise was coming from the far end of the meadow. I saw silhouettes coming from the shaded trees. They were progressing slowly and with great caution. At last, I was looking at two young fallow deers, male and female. I was filled with joy and excitement, a small explosion of adrenaline rushed through my body like there were no speed limits. I suppressed everything going on through my mind and started taking pictures. Shortly after that something spooked them and they vanished into the debts of the forest. It was time for me go home, I packed my stuff and headed back to the village with a smug smile on my face, I was a happy man.



Italy is a country with numerous travel opportunities. Each one with a charm of its own. People visit Italy on many occasions like, delicious cooking, gorgeous residents (women primarily), fast Italian super cars, ancient architecture and some for inspiration. Yet eventually you will end up on a location, where wealthy folks anxious on fashion love to visit, a destination passionate travelers like me visit to watch a football game and to explore secret places and the breathtaking monuments and cathedrals.

The cathedrals are “truly, madly, deeply” glorious, marvelous and reasonably priced to set foot in and look at. The firs and foremost you must visit is Duomo di Milano. It is nothing short of miraculous. The construction work started in the early 14th century and took near to six centuries. The same amount of time it took me to build its Lego relative. The Duomo is roughly fifty meters high and yes you are allowed on top where you will be able to look at the rest of the city and forbidden to spit on its intelligence. Once on the roof the main reason I went to Milano will be revealed to you and mark my words once you get a glimpse of it, you will be certain of your next destination, the San Siro stadium. The place of residence for AC Milan and Inter Milan. If the ladies accompanying you struggle against visiting, present them with a credit card and send them away to conquer the shops. Now I know sacrificing a credit card by giving it away to your girlfriend is not dignified, only now you will have no need to be embarrassed about it. After the game is over, you will probably be thirsty and water isn’t going to get the job done, I myself am well aware of that condition, as of that point its time to hit the pubs. However here is a better idea. Head back to the Duomo and you will find hundreds of people there and shameful amount of liqueur pouring all over the place, be that as it may, you will receive a phone call, from your credit card company informing you that you have reached your limit. Which will remind you to get in touch with your beloved ones. Even so, probably you will not. The idea of unrestrained Italian females and a dead phone battery will give the motivation and the excuse you long for. This is a true story, only the facts have been changed.



Ahhh Venice, yes maybe one of the most desirable destination on the planet. Everybody wants to experience the romance, the beauty, the ancient architecture and to vanish on a gondola trip among the canals.And Venice is the ideal provider of all these desires.

I am quite sure that everybody who has’t yet had the opportunity to visit this Italian Paradise, pictures it like a small piece of heaven and he or she will not be far from the truth. Venice is indeed an amazing destination, magical some even dare to call it. So from where to start? Venice is enormous, so if want to explore each and every single recess there is, you must be ready to sacrifice at least 4-5 days and that is for Venice only and here is a passionate advise you should consider, throw a glance at the islands of Murano and Lido! The only drawback is that this, unfortunately, will add two more days to your schedule. Don’t wary I assure you, you will not regret this, maybe money-wise only, but hey, its money well spent.

Another advise is to buy a map, a navigation system of some kind and a compass, because Venice may be paradise, but it is the most disoriented one. You have a greater chance to navigate in the Guatemalian Rainforest during the Monsoon season with yours closed! Now listen carefully because this is important, use your satnav only to find your way back to the hotel. Why? You may ask and the answer is … well its not truly an answer, more like an advise, get lost into the labyrinth of small streets and canals, drift away from the kings highway and you will travel back several centuries to find the fairyland of Venice. You will have the feeling that you are an ancient voyager, stuck in time, where fast food during the night was only a blueprint. Slowly you will realize that you are hopelessly and progressively in love with this place. Eventually will feel that essential need to feed and you will have no problems of finding a restaurant simply because there are millions of them and they are all rubbish, the service is rubbish, you will have to wait two days for a table with a view of the Rialto or any other canal, and after that there is another two hour wait for the waiter to take your order and another two hour waiting for what you have order. At least that is what happened to me, but I am a casual guy I enjoy the casual way of things and I didn’t want anything to jeopardize my vacation and instead of going mad as a mad dog I lightened up a cigarette and asked for an ashtray. The waiter looked at me as if I asked for his virginity and gestured me to trow the cigarette into the canal and so I did.Eventually the dinner was over. I will have to describe it as a total disappointment, the wine tasted like muddy water, the pizza tasted like chalk, the pasta tasted like…well I don’t know because they forgot to bring it, but they presented me with the bill even though I hadn’t asked for it yet and yes the pasta was in the bill. I wanted to speak with the manager, nevertheless as you will find out, no one in Italy speaks English. Sad to say “fortza Juve” and “Chao” are the only Italian words I know, so parley was out of the question. Much though I disliked the situation I smiled and sent them away. I took another look at the bill and because I am not even closely related to anyone named Hilton I experienced true horror, add the frustration from the aforementioned circumstances and given the fact that I have the morals of a rabbit I vanished into oblivion by leaving on the table a napkin, onto which I drew a gesture of good will, as they say in Italy.

I ended up on a piazza of some kind, full of people singing and dancing. Finally a feeling of delight, I grabbed a beer and sat on an old dried fountain adored by the alluring night.God I have enjoyed Venice!